W1S1 [dʒɔb US dʒa:b] n
3¦(something you must do)¦
4 on the job
5 I'm only/just doing my job
6 it's more than my job's worth
7 do the job
8 have a job doing something/have a job to do something
9 do a job on somebody/something
12 a nose/boob job
13 just the job
14¦(type of thing)¦
15 jobs for the boys
16 job of work
17 job lot
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: Perhaps from job 'piece, lump' (15-17 centuries)]
1.) ¦(WORK)¦
the regular paid work that you do for an employer
Do you enjoy your job?
It was the first paid job I ever had.
He's been in the job for six years.
I'm looking for a new job.
Your pension can be affected if you change jobs.
I've applied for a job at the university.
Well, Miss Taylor, we'd like to offer you the job .
Eventually, Mary got a job as a waitress.
I was so desperate that I took the first job that came along.
He had never been able to hold down a job .
At least there's no danger of you losing your job .
Oh Rick, you didn't quit your job did you?
If the project fails, we're all out of a job .
It's a temporary job , but I'm hoping it will be made permanent.
the pet shop where he had a part-time job
I haven't had a steady job since last March.
Levels of job satisfaction vary between departments.
I didn't see the point of moving my family to London without any job security .
2.) ¦(DUTY)¦ [singular]
something that you are responsible for doing
Raising kids can be a difficult job.
It's my job to make sure that the work is finished on time.
the job of sb/sth
The job of the jury is to assess the credibility of the witness.
the job of doing sth
I was given the job of making sure that everyone had enough to drink.
All too often councils fall down on the job (=not do what they should) of keeping the streets clean.
a particular thing you have to do, considered as work
= ↑task
My parents were always finding little jobs for me to do.
Filleting fish can be quite a fiddly job.
Tiling the bathroom is going to be a big job .
Sam does odd jobs (=small jobs in the house or garden) for friends and neighbours.
the job of doing sth
The job of choosing the right computer for you is made easy by this magazine.
We need to get on with the job of finding someone to replace him.
do a good/great/marvellous etc job
Whoever did the plastering did a brilliant job.
make a good/bad etc job of (doing) sth
She hates doing the cleaning, but she always makes a good job of it.
4.) on the job
a) while you are doing a particular job
Most clerical training is done on the job.
b) doing a particular job
We've got some of our best people on the job.
c) BrE spoken informal having sex
5.) I'm only/just doing my job
spoken used to say that it is not your fault if you have to do something in your work that other people do not like
6.) it's more than my job's worth
BrE spoken used to tell someone that you cannot do what they want because you would lose your job if you did - often used humorously
7.) do the job
spoken to have the effect or produce the result that you want
A little more glue should do the job.
8.) have a job doing sth/have a job to do sth
BrE spoken to have difficulty doing something
I think we might have a job parking in town.
9.) do a job on sb/sth
informal especially AmE to have a damaging effect on someone or something
The sun does quite a job on people's skin.
an action done by a computer
a print job
11.) ¦(CRIME)¦ informal
a crime in which money is stolen from a bank, company etc
a bank job
Police believe it was an inside job (=done by someone who works for the company where the crime happens) .
12.) a nose/boob job informal
an operation to improve the appearance of your nose or breasts
She looks completely different in this photo - she must have had a nose job.
13.) just the job
BrE spoken exactly what is needed for a particular purpose or situation
This bag is just the job for carrying your sports gear.
14.) ¦(TYPE OF THING)¦ [singular]
spoken used to say that something is of a particular type
Jack's got a new car - a red two-seater job.
15.) jobs for the boys
BrE when someone in an important position gives work to their friends, especially when this gives the friends an unfair advantage
The council chief was suspended over allegations of jobs for the boys.
16.) job of work
BrE something that you have to do even if you do not enjoy it
17.) job lot
BrE a mixed group of things that are sold together
a job lot of furniture
→↑blow job, hand job, hatchet job,(it's a) good job atgood1 (49), make the best of a bad job atbest3 (9)
COLLOCATES for sense 1
apply for a job
offer somebody a job
get/find a job (as something)
land a job informal (=get a job)
take a job (=accept a job that you are offered)
hold down a job (=keep a job when this is difficult)
lose a job
leave/quit a job
be out of a job (=not have a job)
temporary job
permanent job
part-time job
full-time job
steady job (=a job that is likely to continue)
job satisfaction (=the enjoyment you get from your job)
job security (=how permanent your job is likely to be)
WORD CHOICE: job, work, post, position, occupation, profession, career
Your job is the work that you do regularly in order to earn money, especially when you work for a company or public organization : My last job was with a computer firm. | He finally got a job in a supermarket.
Work is used in a more general way to talk about activities that you do to earn money, either working for a company or for yourself : Will you go back to work when you've had the baby? | I started work when I was 18.
!! Do not say 'what is your job?' or 'what is your work?'. Say what do you do? or what do you do for a living?
Post and position are more formal words for a job in a company or organization. They are used especially in job advertisements and when you are talking about someone moving to a different job : This post would suit a recent graduate. | He left last summer for a teaching position in Singapore.
Use occupation to talk about the kind of work that someone usually does, for example if they are a teacher, lawyer, driving instructor etc. Occupation is used mainly on official forms : State your name, age, and occupation in the box below.
!! Do not use occupation to talk about your own job : I am an accountant. (NOT My occupation is an accountant).
A profession is a kind of work for which you need special training and a good education, for example teaching, law, or medicine : the legal profession
Your career is the type of work that you do or hope to do for most of your life : I'm interested in a career in television. | His career is more important to him than his family.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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